Vacation Arrests

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Many people choose to spend their vacation time visiting sunny Florida, and the Tampa/St. Pete area is always popular choice amongst tourists. With the year round warm climate, many great beaches, theme parks and sports teams in the area it is to understand why so many people choose to travel to the Tampa/St. Pete area.

Unfortunately for some travelers to the area their vacations are disrupted by run-ins with law enforcement. We see this all too often. We represent a large amount of clients who were arrested and charged with a crime while they were on vacation. The most common charges we see brought against visitors to the area are in some way related to alcohol. (DUI, open container violations, drunk and disorderly charges and assault/battery) It is important to note that some of the arrests we see visitors to the area being charged with are much more serious in nature. We have represented clients charged with trafficking in narcotics and sexual assault who were visiting from out of state.

Criminal Lawyer In Tampa, Florida

We understand the logistical nightmares associated with living in another part of the country/world and having to deal with a criminal charge in the Tampa/St. Pete area. We strive to make the process as easy for our clients as possible. We are usually able to waive our client’s presence at all Court dates before trial. This helps salve our client’s time and money associated with having to travel to the area for preliminary hearings. A large number of our cases are worked out before trial by entering into an agreement with the State Attorney’s Office. In situations where we are able to reach an agreement with the State Attorney’s Office we are often able to waive our client’s presence throughout the entire process, and simply submit paperwork to the Court detailing the agreement. We also have been very successful in making sure that any of our clients who are placed on probation, as a result of their charge, have that probation transferred to their home state.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being arrested and charged with a crime while you are visiting the area do not hesitate to call one of our skilled Tampa criminal defense lawyers today, and set up a free, no obligation consultation.