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False Information On A Secondary Metals Recycler Form

A criminal charge of False Information On A Secondary Metals Recycler Form is beginning to emerge as a more frequent tool used by law enforcement to criminally charge individuals. In other words, if an individual “scraps” metal to a dealer and knowingly provides false verification of ownership or provides false or altered identification and receives money or other consideration from the secondary metals recycler, it can lead to a criminal arrest for a felony.

Perhaps due to poor economic conditions, many individuals have turned to “scrapping” metal as a new source of income or supplemental income. A typical scenario is as follows: An individual observes what appears to be an abandoned refrigerator, metal car parts, metal plumbing parts or fixtures, or even an old metal hunting dog box on someone’s property. The metal is loaded onto a pick-up truck or trailer and is then transported and sold as “scrap metal”. If the owner of what appeared to be “abandoned metal “ files a complaint with the police that it was taken without his permission and it is tracked to a secondary scrap dealer, then the individual may possibly be charged with a felony regardless of the fact that the item taken had very little value.

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More specifically, Florida Statute538.23(3) makes it a felony of the second degree if the value of the money or consideration received is $300.00 or more. It is classified as a felony of the third degree if the value of the money or consideration is less than $300.00.

There has been a sharp increase in the incidents of these charges being processed by law enforcement. An individual charged with this type of felony must be aware of his rights and potential defenses to the charge. For example, was the property arguably abandoned at the roadside, was permission given to “clean” the property of debris, did someone such as a neighbor mistakenly give permission to take the property that they thought was abandoned? These and other potential factual defenses must be fully explored to protect a client’s rights.

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