Tampa Trespassing Defense Attorney

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Have you been arrested for trespassing?  Even if you are just under investigation, do not speak to the police without first speaking to a Tampa criminal attorney!

It is crucial that your case be handled with extreme care and caution by an experienced Tampa trespassing defense lawyer. We are former prosecutors and have handled numerous cases where the accused offenders incriminated themselves because they did not seek legal counsel first. Trespassing cases must be thoroughly examined to determine if they can be dismissed for a lack of evidence or perhaps unlawfully collected evidence. 

If you were arrested in the possession of a weapon you could face felony trespassing charges.  And if investigators find evidence that you were intending to or were in the process of committing a crime, your trespassing case may turn into something much bigger with additional criminal charges.

A Tampa Criminal Lawyer can keep your case from getting out of control

Whether you have been arrested for or accused of a misdemeanor or felony trespassing crime, you need to consult an experienced Tampa Criminal Defense attorney as soon as possible. Appointing an attorney is a significant factor in the outcome of any case, but especially felony cases that could result in decades of prison time.

Don’t let your case get out of hand.  Contact our firm today to speak with a Tampa criminal attorney about your case.  Evaluations are free, so call us at 813-223-5775.