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Anyone who attempts to engage in a conversation for a sex act for a price may be charged with the crime of prostitution under Florida statutes. Prostitution charges in Tampa/Hillsborough County Florida occur in many different scenarios. Often times the Tampa Police Department or Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office will set up prostitution stings. During these stings law enforcement will usually set up surveillance in a hotel room and audio/video tape the arrestee and the undercover office. We also see prostitution cases that arise from a sting that focuses on a local massage parlor/s or escort service/s.

Our Tampa Criminal Lawyer Provides Strong Defense

Being charged with the crime of soliciting/committing prostitution carries with it a large negative stigma. At the law office of Raymond R. Pines we are skilled in dealing with clients going through the uncomfortable circumstance of facing a prostitution charge. We have helped numerous clients defend and clear their name in these situations. We will take the time to review the state’s case with you and point out possible defenses such as a lack of physical evidence, not being mirandized before interrogation and entrapment.

It is important to act quickly and contact a skilled criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and begin preparation of your defense. The punishments for prostitution offenses can range from fines to probation to jail to prison. Prostitution offenses are enhanceable offenses which means a prior conviction can be used to enhance the sentence you will face for subsequent offenses. If you are facing a prostitution charge do not delay and call one of our skilled criminal prostitution lawyers for a free no obligation consultation.