Tampa Drug Crime Attorney

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The Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyers at Law Office of Raymond R. Pines, PA are highly experienced in representing clients in all drug related offenses. These include possession of illegal drugs, importation of drugs, cultivation of drugs and manufacture of drugs to conspiracy to traffic and trafficking in illegal drugs to name a few of the drug offenses enforced in the State of Florida and the Federal Courts.

If convicted the penalties can range from probation for less severe offenses to long mandatory terms of imprisonment for the more serious drug offenses. These penalties vary according to the type and quantity of the illegal drug, whether firearms are used in the offense, where the offense occurred (such as near a school) and, of course, whether the person is charged by the Sate or the Federal system. Through hard work and persistence your Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer will investigate all of the evidence and testimony to plan an effective defense strategy in these cases.

In the Tampa Bay area drug crimes are aggressively prosecuted. Experienced aggressive Tampa Defense Attorneys are needed to defend these cases. A conviction for a drug offense can have other devastating effects for a person such as loss of a Florida Drivers License for up to two years, loss of civil rights, such as the right to own or possess a firearm, the right to vote, forfeiture of personal items such as a vehicle, boat, house or money if found to be used in the crime. If the individual is not a US Citizen then deportation of that person may occur.

An adjudication of guilt may also severely effect employment opportunities, as well as, the option of sealing or expunging the record of the arrest and subsequent conviction.

The experienced Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney at the Law Office of Raymond R. Pines can assist you in these matters and protect your rights under the US Constitution and the laws of the Sate of Florida.

The defense of these cases is factually specific to your case and the defense must be tailored to your case.

If is essential to demand that the law enforcement authorities in your case follow the strict dictates of the law. If evidence was obtained illegally the court may suppress the evidence. Without the evidence prosecutors cannot proceed further in the case and the charges are dismissed by the Court or dropped by the presecutor.

The police frequently use confessions that can be shown to have been illegally coerced through various tactics. If the court determines the confession or admission was not voluntarily given, then the confession may also be suppressed.

Another potential defense is that of entrapment. Many times individuals are cajoled or induced to commit a crime they had no predisposition to commit, except for the relentless requests of the informant (acting on behalf of law enforcement) or by undercover law enforcement officers. An experienced Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney may effectively present this defense.

Contact an experienced Tampa drug defense lawyer to assist you if you are charged with a drug crime.